Case Study: How our SEO Agency Helped in Increasing Mobile Organic Traffic by 420%

We did the SEO for a small local bakery in Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India) that makes a variety of freshly-baked goods, including traditional bread,  pastries, cafe items like soups and sandwiches, and more. 

They’ve been in business for over 10 years, and though they are a popular location with locals, they struggled to attract the kind of organic search traffic online that they wanted

We as The agency partner helped them with their SEO and site challenges resulting a good organic traffic from the local potential customers

Our agency offers internet marketing services specializing in both SEO and analytic services. We worked within modern frameworks to increase the growth of site traffic while assessing behavioral factors and daily monitoring.

SEO is all about creative link building by finding the sources where normal experts cannot reach.

Kulwant Nagi

The Challenge

The primary challenges included a lack of online and offline orders, and lower than desired brand visibility online. These challenges were directly impacting their business.

The Solution

We identified 3 key stages of optimization tactics that could help the Bakery Company to resolve their challenges and reach their objectives.

    • Stage 1. Initial SEO Optimization
    • Stage 2. Blog Creation and Optimization
    • Stage 3. Ecommerce Section Optimization

Stage 1. Initial SEO Optimization

    • Conduct competitor research
    • Explore link-building opportunities
    • Improve the bakery’s website structure
    • Run keyword research for site’s homepage and overall digital presence
    • Conduct a technical SEO audit
    • Redesign the bakery’s homepage
    • Optimize the bakery’s meta title and meta description
    • Update the bakery’s Google My Business profile and register for local directories

Stage 2. Blog Creation and Optimization

    • Find relevant blog topics
    • Build a content strategy
    • Choose impactful blog theme
    • Create an effective content brief
    • Carry out a blog SEO audit
    • Create SEO-friendly content

Stage 3. Ecommerce Section Optimization

    • Create and optimize ecommerce page and product cards
    • Set up ecommerce analytics

Stage 1. Initial SEO Optimization

1. Conduct Competitor Research 

Competitor research not only helped the we identified who the bakery’s competitors were, but it also helped the bakery realize that their most significant online competitors were different from their local, offline competitors. 

2. Explore link-building opportunities 

Our aim was to help build a strong backlink profile by getting more links to their site pages from other domains, increase their domain authority (DA) score and rank higher in the search results. Our strategy was to assess bakery company’s link profile and look for new backlinking opportunities.

3. Improve the XYZ website structure

Stage three of our process was centered around improving the structure of bakery website. The goal was to ensure that every potential entry point was fully optimized to appeal to more users. The larger and wider the site structure, the more opportunities the bakery would have to appeal to their target audiences.

To improve their site structure, we optimized the number sections on the bakery website and provided more relevant content on the existing pages.

4. Run keyword research for the site’s homepage & overall digital presence

To help bakery website attract the right visitors to their site, we focused on keyword research for the bakery’s homepage. 

In collaboration with the bakery company, we developed a finalized list of relevant, high-intent key phrases. This list of keywords was then used to help guide the bakery’s homepage content as well as the meta title and meta description.

5. Conduct a technical SEO audit 

To ensure that Bakery Company was not missing out on opportunities to improve their SEO ranking potential, we conducted an SEO audit.

By analyzing the technical state of the Bakery Company website, we gained better insight into where Bakery Company website was struggling beyond keywords and site structure and compiled a list of issues for the site’s developer to address. 

6. Redesign the Bakery Company homepage 

With the previously compiled data thoroughly researched and carefully sorted through, we were able to apply these insights to update and optimize Bakery Company homepage. 

They created a mockup of a new homepage that would appeal to all segments of the Bakery Company target audience while improving site performance on desktop and mobile.

7. Optimize the Bakery Company meta title and meta description 

With the redesign of Bakery Company homepage complete, we focused on creating a new meta title and meta description for their homepage to help improve their SERP ranking and increase their click-through rate. 

They used the findings from their earlier keyword research and paid close attention to search intent. 

8. Update the Bakery Company Google My Business profile & register for local directories

The final step in our process was to improve Bakery Company online presence was to revamp their Google My Business (GMB) profile.

We also looked for additional opportunities with online registries to help increase the Bakery Company reach and used an automated tool to submit the Bakery Company  information to new registries, creating a more well-rounded digital presence. 

Stage 2. Blog Creation and Optimization

1. Find relevant blog topics

With all the optimizations described above, We and Bakery Company have moved forward in their collaboration to start the Bakery Company blog.

They built and finalized a full list of keywords and potential topics that could be valuable for their target audience.

2. Build a content strategy

After selecting the most relevant and competitive content topics for Bakery Company blog, we started building a keyword-optimized content marketing plan.

They crafted a six-month content planning calendar, with 14 keyword-optimized pieces per month.

3. Choose impactful blog theme

The next step after determining blog topics and developing a content plan was choosing a blog theme.

A blog’s theme can play an important role in either keeping the reader on the page or compelling him to hit the exit button.

4. Create an effective content brief

We have already chosen the list of impactful topics and a website content plan. Now it’s time to create content!

In order to create not only engaging, but high-ranking content, the agency crafted a list of technical specifications for their inhouse copywriters to follow.

5. Carry out a blog SEO audit

Previously, we conducted a technical site audit of the Bakery Company homepage. They used a similar process to ensure the blog performs well in Google search.

During the audit, a lot of things were done and checked by the SEO experts.

6. Create SEO-friendly content

With all of the preparations in place, we were ready to create the content itself. To achieve their goals on deadline, they knew that outsourcing content writing was the best option.

Stage 3. Ecommerce Section Optimization

1. Create and optimize ecommerce page and product cards

The Bakery Company already had an existing ecommerce section before starting to work with us, but it was just a small section on the main page; there were no product cards or categories. 

We knew that to increase purchase potential, there needed to be a dedicated ecommerce page with the ability to view items by category and to add product cards for each item customers could purchase.

2. Set up ecommerce analytics

After the store section was designed and implemented, it was decided to apply an eсommerce analytics system to track and help grow sales on the Bakery Company’s website.

We began setting up the necessary data and information inside the tools to get the most accurate results with the hep of 

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager


Six months is normally a realistic timeframe to evaluate results and see the impact of SEO optimizations. In the case of this collaboration between Why SEO Serious and Bakery Company, the first results appeared after 3 months—when all technical and content improvements were implemented to their website main page. By that time organic traffic to the bakery website had already increased by 117%. 

In terms of tracking results within a 6 months time frame, the biggest challenge in this particular case was the implementation of improvements on a client’s side.

As a result of their work, both organic traffic and ranking positions improved for multiple keywords. 

Mobile organic traffic increased from 124 monthly visits to 420, which is a 400+% increase.

Overall, the results thus far have been both positive and significant. We anticipate better performance for Bakery Company website in terms of traffic growth and conversion to orders in a couple of months.

Final Thoughts

We’ve got great results for our client from Bakery Company, but we’re not done! We are still providing them support to maintain the users traffic via different social media strategies. For more updates on the results, Stay tuned!


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